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Conception: MyiPage was created when we opened an Internet Café and noticed there was nothing online that provided an entry page to all the general email, favourites or travel Web sites. Companies wanted you to stay on their home page. was great, was great and so on, but they only included links to their information or sponsors, not to any other Web sites.
Our customers were from all over the world and had e-mail accounts or homepages from a variety of different web companies. We needed a specific page entry with all the best links that made it easy for anyone from any country to use.

Design: MyiPage was created to be very visual in design, eliminating boring text links and instead using picture logos from each company.

Once we had the desired layout and right amount of content, we wanted the entry page to match the style of the internet café, so we designed it with a green theme. Also, the most important part of the design was KIS: Keep It Simple! We wanted to make sure it would be easy to understand and use.
However, one of the downsides to using images rather than text links was the slow loading time, so balance of the size of the image and quality was crucial.

Implement: Once our design was finished, we needed an easy way to apply the homepage across many computers. The simple, "Make Homepage Link" was all we needed.
Feedback was very positive, our customers loved it, and to our surprise, people began using the homepage outside of the internet cafe and on their home computers!
MyiPage (name chosen after launch) was a success!

Forward Thinking: We soon began to see there was demand for other uses of MyiPage, so we set out to offer a localised content as well as a general content for each specific town or city. We also wanted to be more personalised by adding several colour choices of the pages layout.
MyiPage was now being used by other internet cafes, business, and the general public and soon had several requests for personal homepages.

Dreams: With the steady growth of MyiPage, it has primarily been created by a one-man operation, but with so much to do and so little time, we dream of making MyiPage a viable company with an office and staff, but also to keep its services free!
Although the owner, PocketPcMan, has spent many years in the United States, he is originally from the United Kingdom and now currently calls Australia home. Because of this unique living situation, MyiPage accidentally became worldwide!

Update2005: MyiPage has redesigned its concept and has now adopted the Google Gadgets on the iGoogle page. By designing our links as Google Gadgets, we are making our services more widely available to a bigger audience. This also enables us to continue the city pages with more professional and up-to-date information. We are also able to update links across the site without having to change thousands of static pages.

Update2013: MyiPage has now been adapted to look and feel more comfortable on iPads and Android tablets.
As the growth of these tablets are faster than desktop computers it is a natural transition to the design to look more like the hand held devices.
We have a kept a simple clean design with minimal distraction.

News:  We welcome any suggestions for links and ideas to grow MyiPage bigger and better!
If you like our page and would like to make a donation for the continued free use of MyiPage, we are very grateful and appreciative.

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